Well I am staying in a country called Singapore.
Quite Hard to find on the world map. Just a small dot on it, at the tip of Malaysia.

Been doing national service. 2 years & 2 months. Coming to an end soon on the 08 August 2006.

After my national service, I would be going to SMU to study BSc. (Information System Management).

(updated to this 01 Oct 2007)

Now, I am in Year 2 of my 4 years in SMU. Am in a number of CCAs, like SMUXtremist (SMUX), SMUBE & SMU Climb Team.
But the one CCA that I have really gotten myself really into would be SMUX. Love the family feeling & also the people.

Currently in the planning committee for an upcoming Kayaking Expedition that would try to go up the East Coast of Malaysia, a total of about 800 km, in about 8 weeks.

(updated to this 22 June 2010)

Took 2 terms off school to do my part for the YOG. Hope it would be great. I am enjoying every moment of it.