Well today is SAF day. Marking another year that SAF have been around.

This week alone, I have been in two parades. One was at Tekong and the other at SISPEC (School of Infantry Specialist).

Both parades were quite meaningful and gave me information about what the big shots want this coming year.

It would not have made much of a difference to me because I am going to ORD soon.

During the parade at SISPEC, CIO (Chief Infantry Officer) told us a story of a trainee of SISPEC and the brave thing that he did when a foreigner couple was robbed. This trainee chased down the robber and eventually captured him. And also after know the reason why the robber did what he did, he pleaded on his behalf to the couple to let him go. He also gave the robber what he had amounting to S$50. Then he just left after that just saying “glad to help”. This couple wrote to MINDEF a letter about this. And it is this letter that CIO read from.

About ORD, the date I leave is the eve of national day. I have been really looking forward to it, because it marks the end of my national service to this nation, and also the start of my 10 year cycle.

Well till the day I ORD.