To Remember

A statement that I found enlightening from the article. “Working with senior and more experienced staff requires me to balance humility and stern leadership. Without humility, a young manager will come across as arrogant and haughty. If we are not assertive enough, there may be staff and performance issues.” – Mr Chia Jingwei, branch manager,… Continue reading To Remember


Today morning, I went for a run from my place to SAFRA Mount Faber. The distance was about 13 km. Did not really ran for that distance as body still not as fit as it used to be. When I got there, I explored the place for a while. The place was nicely designed. While… Continue reading RUN


Well today is SAF day. Marking another year that SAF have been around. This week alone, I have been in two parades. One was at Tekong and the other at SISPEC (School of Infantry Specialist). Both parades were quite meaningful and gave me information about what the big shots want this coming year. It would… Continue reading SAF Day

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