We are Commanders

We are Commanders.
It is our job to manage risks.
It is our responsibility to speak up when things are not right.
It is our duty to take charge and put things right when things go wrong.
We are ultimately responsible for everything that happens and does not happen under our watch.

BG Chan Chun Sing
Chief of Army

Although this quote might be directed at military personnel, I believe that this is really applicable to all those that are working or organises events. After all, everyone is a leader / “commanders” in their own right. Be it organisers of events, managers that take care of teams or even just being participants. We are ultimately responsible for what happens to us and we will speak up when things are not right. Sometimes we might say “leave it to the younger ones to learn and make mistakes”, but I don’t believe that should be the right way, afterall if you know the actions taken is a mistake why let them learn from that. Wouldn’t be it better to let them learn from the mistakes that you don’t even know or foresee?

Well being seniors, we can advise all we want but in the end, whether you want to listen is up to you. Afterall, you would be the one that is ultimately responsible for everything that happens and does not happen under your watch. 6 more month till the end, work hard, do your best.

For me, there is less than 80 days left. Here and there, operations are starting. Everyone is working hard moving towards it, can see the day getting closer and closer. From the website to the clock at the corner in front of ION. From the things that need to be done, to the things that have been done. IT’S GETTING CLOSER……

Another quote that I would remember, “the only way to avoid making mistakes is not to do anything. And that…will be the ultimate mistake”, cause we are in the end responsible for everything under our watch.