To Remember

A statement that I found enlightening from the article. “Working with senior and more experienced staff requires me to balance humility and stern leadership. Without humility, a young manager will come across as arrogant and haughty. If we are not assertive enough, there may be staff and performance issues.” – Mr Chia Jingwei, branch manager,… Continue reading To Remember

Review: Shaw Lido

Today is the reopening of Shaw Lido after it closed for its “re-imagining” project. They took over the entire level and removed all of the stores that were previously there, like the McDonald’s and Starbucks which I felt really made it much easier for them to create a clean and constant look. To start off… Continue reading Review: Shaw Lido

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Opening CR4

After my last post, CR4 or combined rehearsal 4 reminded me of what it means to be doing what I’m doing. To create a lasting impression of the youth olympic games to the athletes, officials and everyone who is here for the games. To see Singapore flag flown, shown to the whole world. To be… Continue reading Opening CR4

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Well, I think the strain is getting to me. Getting more and more irritated by people. Especially if they are asking things that have been briefed to them before. Trying to keep myself from shouting at the idiots. Blasted once last friday. Hope I can last till the end of the week. At least once… Continue reading Stressed

Deep End

Recently heard about people complaining about being thrown into the deep end of the pool, how much work it is etc etc. Well, if you feel that you are in the deep end of the pool and still can talk so much then I think you are not doing enough. After all, if you are… Continue reading Deep End

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We are Commanders

We are Commanders. It is our job to manage risks. It is our responsibility to speak up when things are not right. It is our duty to take charge and put things right when things go wrong. We are ultimately responsible for everything that happens and does not happen under our watch. BG Chan Chun… Continue reading We are Commanders

Birthday Post

Well, another year passed. Everything as per normal. Everything happened as per expected. Like last year, never expect too much, then you would not feel disappointed. Thank to those that remembered. At least you all did make the effort to at least look at facebook. To those that SMS & Twitter, you are some of… Continue reading Birthday Post


Was reading a The New Paper article yesterday talking about how a group of NUS students has to do a project that involves helping others. Like how they started by finding prostitutes willing to be “saved” but could find any and eventually found a foreign student that was cheated by a “university” here that took… Continue reading Failures

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