I am not a “TOY” and I will act “dumb” if I want

I really think that some groups of people just don’t have the basic respect for others. I am not even in your section and if you require help at least have the decency to at least brief me on the things I need to do. Don’t expect me to know, if you don’t brief, I would just act dumb and not do anything. I don’t say much, but if I am willing to say that I will not cooperate. I will tell you that my laptop has issues, I don’t know how to use powerpoint, excel, word & everything you need me to do, I don’t care. What can you do to me, Just bring it on.

This is not the army where your man just listen and follow what you do. Even volunteers / STARS get a briefing about what they need to do.

I know I still have a long working life. But my life is my own, if it bends my principles to have to cooporate with idiots without a basic respect for other people, then I don’t given a shit about what you or other people think any more.

I will only support the team that has taken care of me, ask me anything to do with my area of work, I will answer, know how to use a computer, no issue with it, know how to use excel, powerpoint & even word.

And even if it is that Idiot Senior Head that volunteered me, don’t take it that I know about it, SO DON”T EXPECT ME TO DO ANYTHING.

And even if you brief me now, my stand is set. And I will not back off from it.

And if you want to talk to me about professionalism, then tell them to show respect first.  After all, I am a person, who has his own oponion, and at least ask my view on it and have some say.