Well, I think the strain is getting to me. Getting more and more irritated by people. Especially if they are asking things that have been briefed to them before. Trying to keep myself from shouting at the idiots. Blasted once last friday.

Hope I can last till the end of the week. At least once everything have started, some of what I’m doing now can be done. Cause they just keep sending and sending. Then have to track, make sure it is printed then pass to them, then make sure they issue properly. Getting very frustrated.

I just want to make sure that everything is done and they have everything they need to do their job. Otherwise how?

Sometime just want to just reject them already. Cause everything was like close since last month. They think what, just give me a number and take your time to give.

Sorry to all those that have to continue to help with handling the submission. It’s hard for other people also, they have to import it into the system, check the photo, then print the cards. They think we do magic meh.

Haiz. Just a little more to go. Just a little more.

Something more, today the taxi uncle was quite nice, for every question that he ask and I answer, he would say thank you. And in a nice tone. I guess I should learn from him.