To Remember

A statement that I found enlightening from the article. “Working with senior and more experienced staff requires me to balance humility and stern leadership. Without humility, a young manager will come across as arrogant and haughty. If we are not assertive enough, there may be staff and performance issues.” – Mr Chia Jingwei, branch manager,… Continue reading To Remember

Life till Now

Well, have started work since Aug 2011, working has been fine. Sometimes long hours does take its toll on me, but the place is really like SMU again. Rushing for deadlines, going for cycling, drinks, the company even divided us into houses for games and other activities. And like in school things like liking someone,… Continue reading Life till Now

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Well, I think the strain is getting to me. Getting more and more irritated by people. Especially if they are asking things that have been briefed to them before. Trying to keep myself from shouting at the idiots. Blasted once last friday. Hope I can last till the end of the week. At least once… Continue reading Stressed

Ride to Ringit

Today’s ride to Ringit was quite an interesting one. A lot of first for me. Started off a little late today. but we got to Pengerang Jetty at 1130. Then went on to collect our bikes from the local shop. Headed to Ringit for lunch. Along the way saw the SMUX group heading back. Got… Continue reading Ride to Ringit

Birthday Post

Well, another year passed. Everything as per normal. Everything happened as per expected. Like last year, never expect too much, then you would not feel disappointed. Thank to those that remembered. At least you all did make the effort to at least look at facebook. To those that SMS & Twitter, you are some of… Continue reading Birthday Post


Well today had a good lunch with WJ, caught up a little on what each of us have been doing. Although he said that he learn something from me everytime we talk, I think I too learn alot from him too. Being able to just share and think through things, listening to his experiences from… Continue reading Expectation

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Been in the hospital since Monday night after I walked into A&E for a wound that didn’t really heal and was having pus. Once I got in everything was fast. Although it did help that the place was empty. Got to see the nurse, then was called to see the doctor. I think the doc… Continue reading Hospitalised

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