KL – Sing Cycling Expedition

Stage Zero
On the 5th of August was the start of the KL – Sing Cycling Expedition. We gathered in school and prepared our bikes for the bus ride up to Port Dickson. Everyone was on time, maybe everyone just can’t wait to start at all. We went for dinner and when we came back did the final touch up on our bikes. Then off we went cycling to Lavender MRT Station. Once there, we waited for our bus to arrive. We loaded up our bikes when it arrived and loaded up into the bus. A small group of 3 went off in our safety car that would be with us for the whole trip.

Early morning (6th August) we arrived at our hotel at Port Dickson, after taking sometime to direct the bus driver to the location. It was 4am in the morning and we could only check in at 8am. So out came the tarp and sleep we went. Morning came and off a group of us went to find breakfast. It was quite a nice and cheap meal. Packed breakfast for the rest we were taking care of the bikes.

Once we were able to check in, we brought our bikes to our rooms and rested for a while. At 10am, off I went with Marcus, Fengru, JJ & Zaoyi to recce the route for the next day as it is quite complicated compared to the rest of the trip. Off we went towards Melaka, along the way try to test whether the drivers understand the instructions that was already written down. Quite funny when they made mistakes and we just kept quiet and just laugh. Once we reach Melaka, we settled in our extra bikes in the hotel that the rest of the team would need when they arrived. Lunch was in Melaka, as it would be late by the time we got back to Port Dickson. Lunch was dim sum and it was just ok. After lunch, we went back to Port Dickson and when we got back, the rest was still not back from lunch. So waited for them to come back. And once they are back, we had our briefing by Marcus about the timeline for the next day. After the briefing, it was time for a rest before dinner. Dinner was questionable, looking at the size of the servings, most of us thought that we would be hungry within an hour. After dinner, went to see the sunset and then back to the hotel to sleep.

Stage Distance Cycled: 0 KM
Total Distance Cycled: 0 KM

Stage One
7th August, the start of Stage 1, woke up at 3 am and started changing. Got to the lobby at 330. One session of photo taking and it is 4am and time to start the ride to Melaka. It was still dark and there was a void of cars on the road. Just us and the night and the cool morning air. The feeling was really nice, the pace was slow and comfortable, giving all of us a good warm up. As we picked up the pace, everyone was happy about it, although It was still quite dark and some of the road are not well-lighted, making looking out for potholes quite a hard thing to do. But we survived it. As we continued to make our way through the dark morning towards Melaka, going down straight roads that feels long. We finally made it to Melaka a little while after day break. Going right into the morning traffic. All of us got behind the safety car and follow it as it guided us through the confusing one-way road of Melaka and finally reaching the Hotel.

After settling down in our hotel, the whole team went for lunch, going to the famous chicken rice store in Melaka. The food compared to the rest of the days can be said to be not really good. Then after lunch, had a short briefing from Marcus and off we all went for a walk to the nearest shopping mall. The walk itself was quite long and it took us like 45 minutes before we reach the shopping centre.