SMUX Elections

Well today went for SMUX Elections, and saw a new set of crew being elected into it. Although I was not one of them, I did took the week to think about whether I wanted to vote at all or not. Considering that someone of interest is running. And that once in crew, it would be a busy term for any of them. So it like if you vote and the person gets in, then busy how?? If you don’t vote and the person don’t get in?? That’s also another ‘how’ question as JJ would put it.

Well, I went, I voted, the someone got in. Well, that’s it. Time to slow down and just take it easy. Look and see how everything works out. See first lah.

Next week going to dive and seriously thinking about Tec Diving. But the cost of the equipments would really be something that needs to be considered…

Well that’s it for the latest update.