Been in the hospital since Monday night after I walked into A&E for a wound that didn’t really heal and was having pus. Once I got in everything was fast. Although it did help that the place was empty. Got to see the nurse, then was called to see the doctor. I think the doc see the wound already, decided that I should be an emergency, made a call and walked me to the ward at the back. I was looked at by another doc, and was admitted into that ward. Sent to take x-ray and jumped queue (in front of me was 3 other people). Was given my first drip with 2 packets of solutions of antibiotics after that. Then the senior doc came and looked at the wound and think that my leg needed to be referred to check the bones whether it was infected. Sent me to be warded into the ward upstairs. And out I went to the A&E Observation ward. Got admitted.

Was sent up to Ward 52. Was pumped with antibiotics 4 times a day during the period I was there. The first 12 hours was not allowed to eat so as to prepared for the operation that would happen as soon as there is a slot. Went into the operation theatre at 3 pm and was awake at 4pm. Finally got to eat dinner after that.

Stayed for 2 nights and today the doc came and see the wound and said that I could go home and that it would take a month to heal. Well so one month it is and 25 days of MC.

Now for something that I was thinking about over the period that I was in the hospital. Looking at facebook and my SMSs. Thinking back who and when they messaged me. Who came to visit and who at least said they would but couldn’t or have planned for other days to come to visit like to my place. Who facebook-ed me or twitter-ed. And the ones that didn’t asked at all.

I also thought through how I got to know them, what we been through and every little thing. Sometimes I think I expect too much from some people (especially those that didn’t say anything), but is it too much to expect just a question on FB, or just clicking on the “like” button?? With communication so much easier than before, How hard is it to do that?? This reminds me of a post my ex wrote on why she didn’t go for last year’s 8th crew elections. I find myself agreeing with the whole post. Agreeing not just because I’m a senior that has been forgotten or has walked away. But as a senior that has work with the current batch that is going to step up. That a number of them have my hp number, my FB, my Twitter. That talked about FAMILY during their elections speech. I guess the

acid test of a family is one where you will not forget its members even if they have disappeared for some time, and will take effort to bring them back. Most seniors, even those who were once active, never turned back, simply because they felt they did not belong.

And perhaps just like her,

I’m just a detractor in the organisation, or some recluse, never really bothered to integrate oneself in the organisation.

But am I? I don’t know, I just know that I don’t talk much, don’t interact much. But I do try, I help, I organise & I participate.

Well for those who cared enough to get to read this and to the 9th crew, think about this. Don’t ask what the seniors have done, lots have done their part and they tried. Ask what you can do and have done. How do we retain seniors?? Well I don’t know, you ask yourself about it.

The following “thank you” list do contain a number of the organisation’s members, ex-crew, current crew and all. But alot of them I have been through events with them, bonded with them, confine in them that I know that they would ask if they know about it. Maybe it’s time to follow the steps of lots of seniors, to just walk away, to not support them? Maybe those who read this, please give me your view and tell me what you think I should do.

Well really thank all those stated below, cause they cared at least.

Thank you Luk for being the first to SMS me once you saw it on FB. Thanks Ron and Jie Han for SMS-ing to scold me for not informing them and also for visiting me 1 in the afternoon and the other in the evening. Thanks Hui Jun, Kheng Yew, JJ, Feng Ru, Ah Liang, Clamen & Amanda(YAH) for asking after me. Thanks for Ben, John, Zao Yi, Su Xian, Guang Jun & Ber for twitter-ing. Thanks Jeff (from ns), Seb, & Francis (from my intership with HQ supply), CS, Elizabeth (BSM), Marilyn, Ivan, Genie, Cher Han (ATO), Wei Bin, Xiao Hui, Jason (NS), Dennis (TB), Guen, Xue Kun, Jia Liang (for his jokes), Wei Yuan & Timothy for facebook-ing comments. And also to the most unexpected person that I thought would comment, XW, thanks for asking, and I didn’t copy your idea to take photo of my leg, I got too bored at night, Look how dark it is around the picture.

Well that’s it. At least for this post. Look forward to the next.