What is it to Like / Love someone?

Actually I also don’t know if the title is a right title or not but here it goes.

Been thinking about something. About liking someone.

In life, each of us would sometimes make a choice to like someone based on feelings and certain things that you find attractive about that person. Then you would try to make the move toward that goal of being with her/him. But sometimes along the way, the more you interact with that someone, you find that maybe that person is not really the one for you. Cause you can’t find common ground to be on. Like the preference of singers and bands. The choice of activities to do. The sort of interaction you want like more responses or just have respond when you actually ask something via MSN or SMS. Maybe just more lively responses or just being plain interested.

And sometimes along the way, you might meet someone else, whom knows you like that someone. That you can talk to, that seems interested in the same things you are. Are at least seems more interested in your interaction with her/him. What do you do then, you move on to the next? Or just stick with your choice? Sometimes this is not an easy question to answer. Cause every decision that you make reflects who you are, and how others would perceive you.

But do you really have to care what others think about you? As long as you can answer to yourself, your own moral self, that I think would be more than enough. And if that someone else is also interested, then you should move on. Move with your heart, not your mind. Just let it flow, life will balance itself out. Take your time.