Road Trip – Recce for KL-Sing

On Thursday (30 July) went for a road trip to recce the route for the KL-Sing Biking trip that I would be going for next week. The road trip was really good, we covered more than 800+ km within a 24 hr period, travelling the whole journey that we planned for, that would take 5-6 days, in that time period.

Funny situations like the side windows don’t open made going pass customs more unique and funny. And see how the customs officers have to double check each person with the passports, cause the pictures are somewhat different is funny too.

First time driving down the north-south highway, and it was a learning experience for me too. Now I know what is an exit and a rest stop. Experienced the different driving styles that people have and got complained that I’m a back-seat driver.

Shared with them all things that I have been keeping to myself for some time now. Now 4 more persons know about it. Still not too sure what I should do, but I guess I know the direction better. But she’s so busy….. Well, just have to make her make time bah.

I’ll see what happens next bah. Can’t wait for KL-Sing.