More Updates…..

It’s 1 whole month since my last update. So what happened??

Well, I was part of the torch relay for AYG being a liaison officer to help instruct the carriers of the torch on how to use it, carry it, etc. Was quite an experience to be able to talk to people like Teo Ser Luck. Then my next involvement in AYG was being the Media Operations personnel at SAFRA Yishun for the shooting competition. Quite interesting to be able to see how this side of things work and what the media have to do all the time.

SMUX camp was the next event on my calendar. It was really a fun experience to be able to organise this camp once again with a different team of people. They really made this camp such a wonderful experience for the participant and me. Well this would be the last event that I would be organising within SMUX itself.

Yanzi’s concert was really wonderful. A lot, a lot better than her last concert that I went for. This time the whole concert was a non-stop continuous show that never seen to end. This is also the first time that she danced so much, like almost every other song she is dancing. Really thank my dear friend for taking time to go for the concert with me. Thank you, you know who you are.

17 July Overnight ride till 18 July morning, went to crash the night bike recce and had a good time riding with them although the crashers were equal to the number of GLs that attended. But at the end it was a wonderful ride.

19 July Morning, went for the KL-Sing training session that was changed to a local ride. Went up Mount Fader and down West Coast highway, then up north to kranji, then south back to school. Was a fast and fun ride.

24 July Overnight ride till 25 July morning, drove the car to ECP so that could drive home at the end of the ride. Cycled all the way up to Yishun Stadium, then went round the night bike route with the rest. Was quite fun. Will see if my friend can figure out where the second burger went to. haha.

Internship, well, it has been, up till now a wonderful experience for me. Being able to work and experience the army life once again. But thinking back, in terms of project scope and ability to complete the project, I think I should had try to accept a small workload somewhat knowing that all IT projects have a common result of being delayed and not up to standard. Hope at least I would be able to complete what is most critical for the users so that at least they have something that is somewhat useful.

Well, so what is coming up next for me.

First would be the end of my internship and the start of me having to write a report for OCS and also to pass a copy to MINDEF side.

Next would be KL-Sing Cycling trip, having to cycle from Port Dickson back to Singapore.

After that would be the AHM after all running is what keeps me going.

Mayday Concert would be on 29 August, still trying to find people to go with me for this. And also just relised that Night Bike would be on the same day. Think I’ll likely have to load the bike in the car and try to find them after the concert.

Well that all till the end of August. Will update as much as I can. I hope.