To Remember

A statement that I found enlightening from the article. “Working with senior and more experienced staff requires me to balance humility and stern leadership. Without humility, a young manager will come across as arrogant and haughty. If we are not assertive enough, there may be staff and performance issues.” – Mr Chia Jingwei, branch manager,… Continue reading To Remember

More Updates…..

It’s 1 whole month since my last update. So what happened?? Well, I was part of the torch relay for AYG being a liaison officer to help instruct the carriers of the torch on how to use it, carry it, etc. Was quite an experience to be able to talk to people like Teo Ser… Continue reading More Updates…..

Science Lesson

Well today went to the science centre as part of my STEC 207 class and I got the opportunity to try to map the DNA from the cheek cells. I got to do most of the steps other than the ones that need special machines. Next week would be going back to continue with the… Continue reading Science Lesson

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End of SE

Well, yesterday 2359 was the end of SE. The modules that has made the whole SIS year 2 cohort have countless night not getting enough sleep, specifically during the last 3 days. At least it is now over. Had a good learning experience, but I’m not expecting much of a good grade from this as… Continue reading End of SE

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The week since last Friday

Friday, 19 October 2007, 4:57 pm Location: SMU, Library, Level 4, SMUX Corner Well, It is been a week since my last post. Been busy with school & all my other stuff. And also just too tired to post anything. Well let’s do something boring, going through the stuff I did for the week. Last… Continue reading The week since last Friday

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The day I got a whole Star & The day of my final FT lesson

Monday, 8 October 2007, 10:53 pm Location: Jurong East, Home From the title of this post, most would be able to guess that I got my Kayaking 1 Star. The experience for the second day, was quite different from the first. Started with practising what we learn the first day & learning the classic draw.… Continue reading The day I got a whole Star & The day of my final FT lesson