The day after the “day”

Today was the first day back to school after the elections, was not in the library much today, cause had SE lesson & meeting. Quite normal for today, cause it has been like that for the last few week.

Well think I took charged a little for my SE group, cause I really feel that we need to get thing to start working, in terms of using the Subversion server. So that we would be able to work remotely & separated. Cause it is taking too much time meeting & discussing about what to do. And I do feel our progress is quite slow. Need to push them harder, cause I really would like to score for this. Cause if I was not studying, I would be doing this sort of work for a living, so must score for this.

 Today went to SMUX table, & well, it looked quite normal, like always for a Tuesday. Nothing much to say.

While I was doing my homework, WY decided to chat with me. Giving me advice for quite a few things. Like the way I would react to people’s comments, taking it really personal & looking angry. Well that quite true, cause I really show my feelings on my face quite easily, from what WY say, that’s not good.

Then he also commented on relationship issue with me, Well have to think about this from what he tells me. Do I really want to be with her or do I just want a GF?
Well that’s the question for the month then.

Ha-ha. Looks like this is progressing well, second update for the month. Lets see how long this would last. 🙂