End of SE

Well, yesterday 2359 was the end of SE. The modules that has made the whole SIS year 2 cohort have countless night not getting enough sleep, specifically during the last 3 days. At least it is now over. Had a good learning experience, but I’m not expecting much of a good grade from this as I crashed my IA & test quite a bit.

This late (or super early) post is because I just got back. Went out with some of my PMSB group members & the others that I had hanged out with over the past few days doing SE. Always thought that SMUX was the only place where I would get stirred shit about. But then, now I know is that if a group of people knows you & know that you are okie with anything, you would just get stirred. Quite a nice outing we all had after the 2359 submission of all our SE project. Went to “The ONE” ktv at orchard there. Quite a good group of singer all of them are. It been quite sometime since I went to ktv to sing. Sang 2 songs.

Well it’s now time to start to mug for the upcoming exams. 2 papers. Let’s get it over and done with.