New Post

It’s been a long time since I posted. In fact 16 days. Been going for kayaking every weekend except for last week cause have to rush SE project. Well not been sleeping much this past week. In fact for last Monday & yesterday, had to take taxi home.

Last week was because of PMSB, but at least that is settled. Now is SE that is till this Wednesday. Plus tomorrow/today have a presentation in the afternoon. Hope nothing goes wrong.

And something been bugging me for the past week. At least been on my mind. Cause WB say got something to tell me after the exam. Cause might affect me. Well hope to know it soon. That’s another reason for hoping to end soon. Another reason is the list of activities that I got/might have.

Plans for after the exam:
1) 2 DEC –  Standard Chartered Marathon (going for the 42.162km) let’s hope that I’ll survive.
2) 3&4 DEC – Desaru (might be going, pending places + surviving above.)
3) 7&8 + 11&12 DEC – Ad Jam Safety IC for Dry run & Actual (Hope everything goes well & nothing major happens)
4) 14-18 DEC – Stong (My firs trek, hope I would like it.)
5) SIE + pre/post reverse ECS (SIE is just need to register, reverse ECS have to see what JJ wants.)

 Well looking at the list of events that I have think I would not have much time to rest.

Well that it. Hope everything will end soon & well.