Update for Plans for the Summer

It’s 26th of June and almost half of Summer has gone past. So what have I completed.

Well for SMU Adventure Race, it was quite fun even being just a helper. Moving stuff and all. Find that the race was quite a success as everything seem to have went well. Although after watching the show [email protected] that featured the NTU Adventure Trail Challenge, I felt that there is still a lot of improvement that SMUX can have for their adventure race like having more elements of adventure in it.

SMU Ad Race, The Back Stage, Day 0

SMU Ad Race, The Back Stage, D Day Part 1

SMU Ad Race, The Back Stage, D Day Part 2

Raw Duathlon was quite good, just that I had an accident during that event. Got knocked from the back by someone on my bike. Still completed the event and overall the event was good just that the location was quite open for the running part making it quite hot during the end.

BSM Israel was an adventure for me, getting to travel to the middle east area and experience the food and culture there and also be able to compare a little the difference between the middle east country to Israel. Got to see some of the different companies that operate in Israel and how friendly and straight forward the people there are.

BSM Israel Day 1

BSM Israel Day 2 – 1

BSM Israel Day 2 – 2

BSM Israel Day 2 – 3

BSM Israel Day 2 – 4

BSM Israel Day 3 – 1

BSM Israel Day 3 – 2

BSM Israel Day 3 – 3

BSM Israel Day 4 – 1

BSM Israel Day 4 – 2

BSM Israel Day 5 – 1

BSM Israel Day 5 – 2

BSM Israel Day 6 – 1

BSM Israel Day 6 – 2

BSM Israel Day 7

BSM Israel Day 8

BSM Israel Day 9 – 1

BSM Israel Day 9 – 2

BSM Israel Day 9 – 3

BSM Israel Going Home

My Internship started the Monday after I got back. Currently still ongoing and have been doing quite interesting work for them. Don’t think I can talk about it online, but if you really want to know, just come talk to me. haha.

For the Sundown Marathon, I was really a good run as I felt really good after I ran finish. Maybe it is the night being so cooling that made the run felt so much better.

Sundown Marathon 2009

Would not be going for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon as I would be involved in AYG. Plus with H1N1 going around, I think it might be better to avoid going overseas for the time being.

For AYG, I’m going to be doing Media Operations at SAFRA Yishun for the Shooting Event. I would also be doing Liaison Officer for the Touch Relay. The whole event is looking to be one of the biggest sporting event that Singapore has hosted ever. And I really hope that everything does goes well.

Whereas for SMUX Camp, it is shaping up to becoming a great camp all in all. And it is getting closer day by day. Hope that everyone would just hang on for just a little longer as it would be over soon.

Talking about H1N1, it has become a bigger and bigger issue from the time I went to Israel till now. And there is now more and more cases of it in Singapore. There are people that has also called for AYG to be cancelled because of it. Well what I feel is that if we don’t carry on our normal lives and live in fear of it, then it would be just too much. As long as everyone is willing to be more public minded, like if you are sick or not feeling well, go see a doctor and rest at home. And also follow the instructions in this link. I think this H1N1 can be contained.

For the Yanzi concert, found someone willing to go with me, so thanks to that person.

Well that’s the update for now. Will update more when it happens.