2 Star Finally, Next 3 Star

Friday, 12 October 2007, 3:15 am
Location: Jurong East, Home

Just finished my MS homework that I have to submit today. Don’t think I would need to go school to do that as I did it in soft copy. Still left BP not yet started, dateline is Sunday. Hope I can get it done.

Did not post on Wednesday cause I was tired from the 2 Star course plus also needed the rest for the third & last day. For Wednesday, we went for an expedition down to Loyang beach, which was behind downtown east. Started late, and so causing us to have to kayak against the current. So the journey there was quite long, plus every-time we raft up, we started to drift back the direction that we came from. Had lunch at the beach. After lunch, we learned about kayak to swimmer rescue & then Eskimo bow rescue. For the Eskimo bow rescue, it was quite an experience, as it is something quite new to me. Didn’t did that well enough to pass it on that day. As we were about to go back, there was a storm over Pulau Ubin, which could have turned to us. So we were quite lucky to make it back without the storm turning towards us. When we reached Changi, we were suppose to form 1 line beside our instructor, but failing to do that, we were asked to capsize & swim to shore.

Then on the last day, which was yesterday, we practiced the Eskimo bow rescue again, then we were tested & all cleared the test. Then it was revision of our side movement stokes or draw. Then next was the low & high recovery. Was quite interesting to know that using the recovery techniques you could prevent yourself from capsizing. Then next was low brace turn &Â stern rudder. What was the most fun & difficult part was having to let your kayak fill up with water to the combing then move around, really lets you practice your recoveries. Then we break for lunch.

When we got back, we were ask to do an all in. (all to capsize then recover) Quite fun, but not when you have to do it a few times. Next we had some games, we had to paddle using just our hands and also try to catch our assistant instructor, did not manage to catch him. Next we had to repeat this with our kayaks submerged. This time we managed to catch him. But after all this playing around, I felt that I became better at controlling the kayak’s side to side row movement. Didn’t have to do that much recovery when I was going back to the shore. Next we were shown some of the 3 Star skills that we might get to learn, if we go for 3 star. Well then we washed the kayaks, bath, review session & getting our certs. Glad to say that all of us passed.

After all this experience for 2 star, now really interested to go for 3 star, but most likely have to plan it so that it spreads over 4 weeks, as we were told that it is quite a demanding course, plus you would need time to practise the skills that you have learned. Will go just a matter of time, and who to go with.

Now really interested to go further with my personal skills in kayaking. 3 star by summer?? Maybe, Just do it.

 Well thats it. END : 3:44 am