Last Sat & Sunday

Tuesday, 23 October 2007, 2:04 am
Location: Home, Jurong East

Well have not been updating, wrote a post half way but didn’t know what to write so, just left it as that.

Well for a quick update, more about what happen for me last Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday morning was the info session for Ad Jam 2007. A few JCs sent reps for the session. Had to do a part of the briefing, think I did ok, just that maybe could have slowed down a little. Happens to me all the time when I don’t have a script for my presentation, I would just pick up speed & rush to finish what I have to say.

Then went for my SE pair programming. Was ok, just that didn’t get much planned work done. Ended fixing compilation errors. But at least got something cleared away. Then next was PMSB, quite an amount of time spent on this. But it was quite interesting to see that you can model a business process & try to simulate the whole process through a model. Change part of the model & simulate again & see the results. COOL.

After that went to meet Cai & Jason. Cai brought someone along. We all went to a HQ gathering. Saw quite a lot of people from my army life there. Was a good time catching up with them, getting to know what they have been doing after leaving army. Well hope we all can get to gather more regularly.

Then it’s back home.

On Sunday, sleep in, but then still have to wake up cause going to Changi for a recce. Met ZM & AS at Changi at about 2 pm. Then we went for our recce. Don’t think I would like to say much. Cause it suppose to be a secret. HAHA

Well that’s it. Would try to update this moreƂ regularly & maybe less about my life & more about my thoughts.

END : 2:20 am