The start of my 2 Star course

Wednesday, 10 October 2007, 12:03 am
Location: Jurong East, Home

Well going to make this short. Yesterday was the start of my kayaking 2 Star course. Went through the skills & theroy that I learn during my 1 Star with some corrections to it.
Plus we were expected to take care of ourselves + if possible take care of others. So it’s more about refining your current skill sets & improving it to help others also.

Saw the biking trip people when they were waiting for their turn to go on to the ferry. Quite happy to see them. Talked to them for a while them went to have my breakfast with John.
The instructor showed us a 4 Star course video. Really making me want to go for 3 Star then go for 4 Star. Well will see what would happen as times goes by then.

Had dinner with John after the course. Then both of us waited for the biking trip people to get back. Then went home after that with WB (who went for the biking trip).

Well I know today’s post quite boring. But really tired now & tomorrow going to have expedition for my course. So going to sleep now.

Thats it then. END : 12:10 am