The day I got a whole Star & The day of my final FT lesson

Monday, 8 October 2007, 10:53 pm
Location: Jurong East, Home

From the title of this post, most would be able to guess that I got my Kayaking 1 Star. The experience for the second day, was quite different from the first. Started with practising what we learn the first day & learning the classic draw. Then on to learning about the rescue. Was quite an interesting experience. Got to know two other people because of doing the rescue. 1 is from SIM ODAC, the other is a police regular. Never knew that capsizing can be so interesting cause 1 of them kept on wanting to cap. ha-ha. Well in the end did get my 1 star, so now it is on to the next level, Kayaking 2 Star.

Yesterday was also the day that I had to hand in my individual assignment for my Software Engineering module. Had to create a online t-shirt shop for this assignment. Did not really complete all the requirements so not quite happy with myself over this. Should have planned my time better. Well what has happened has happened.

Today I had my “fine” dining lesson at Raffles Town Club. The food was ok. Although I find that my prof did not look as if he was assessing us. Maybe that was his plan. Well was a good lunch, more like a meal with all the other SIS people, as most of my class who signed up for today is from SIS. Went back to school for SE meeting after that. Wanted to go JB to meet the trekking people for dinner, but time forbids so have to give up that idea.

Well someone told me something today via MSN, but then can not say what it is. But still understand why the person was telling me this. So sorry to have cause you problems on your side. Would do what I believe is right, but do remind me from time to time.

Tomorrow would be 2 Star course, will last for 3 days. Well hope that I can pass. Otherwise would be quite wasted.

Think thats it. END : 11:07 pm