The day I got “Half” a Star

Saturday, 6 October 2007, 11:27 pm
Location: Jurong East, Home

Today was(is) the first day of my Kayaking 1 Star course. Interesting lessons, but then still quite bored, cause I have heard this lesson for a few times already. Like the names of the parts of a boat / Kayak, cause had to learn it for Advance Open Water Dive course. Did not knew that a Kayak is classified under a canoe, something new to me, always thought that they were different. Learnt the skills that was needed. More of a revision for me, but at least this time is a proper lesson on it.

Realised that I have been doing quite a few things wrong but you learn everyday. Found that the kayak called Bandit is quite or in fact super maneuverable. Think I will fall in love with it. Maybe till I try dancer. Or maybe I will fall in love with single kayak in general. 🙂

Not much for the first day of kayaking, although would have wished to go out further. But then it is after all a sort of basic course for everyone.

Went to get contacts lens for myself cause used up all of them already. Although it took me like more than a year to use up my 6 months supply of monthly contacts. Decided to switch to daily. Think it would be more cost efficient, based on the way I wear contacts. Had my eyes check again, cause the last check was before I ORD. And something good was told to me, both my eyes the degrees dropped by 100. Or maybe its just that they added 100 more. Well you will never know.

Went to the kayaking team dinner, nothing much to talk about it, except that there was dinner. Although WB warned me about something someone might ask, cause during the expedition that they had today, “SHIT” was stirred again. So since the thing was about me, it was eventually directed to me. But when that person asked, did not answer, cause I feel that the person need not know. Plus I have somewhat placed it as TOP SECRET. So it is best that the person do not know. :p

WB also told me another thing, so to whoever is reading this, (if that person comes back at all to read), Please do not freak out. Cause I am just putting my feeling into words, without directly naming anyone, although those involved would know what is happening. If you feel that something needs to be taken down, you can either tell me or have someone inform me. I am okie with it.

Drove today, so sent the same 3 person back. Went by Holland Village’s Cold Storage as they wanted to buy something for the trek that they would be going tomorrow. Well talked to the person a little. Really little. Don’t know why got so few words, when I can crap with others, like ZM & SY & (someone whom I talked on the phone for 4 hours, who I can’t name as the person say so). So maybe it is the comfort level, well I don’t know.

Anyway hope they have fun on the trek. Can’t go cause got 1 Star day 2. But anyway kayaking have priority, no matter what cause promised JJ that I would get my 2 star by week 8 end. Would really have wanted to go, but to think about it, go also no point.

Well think that is about it. Have to go rush my SE Individual project.

So thats it. END : 12:24 am (the next day)