More point to add to last post

Friday, 5 October 2007, 10:44 pm
Location: Jurong East, Home

When some of you (who ever you are) read the last post, you might feel that I doing like a cost benefit analysis on what is happening with my life. Well maybe you can say that just by reading & only reading the last post. So I am here to add more points to it.

What I feel with relation to what I have type is that if I were to emo too long, it would affect my work & the rest of my life, cause I will be spending time think about it. This effect would cause me not to perform well for the task that has been given to me. And so affect the view of people about me. (Although I don’t think I really care) But this view would be shared to others, maybe even her. So in a way damage my “image” (if I have one 🙂 ).

So therefore what I felt I should do is to actually work hard on my personal commitment that I have promised myself to. Perform & do it well. And so make it reflect who I truly am. (Like Leadership by example). And maybe Just maybe, she would notice what I have done.

 So Show who you truly are not by saying, But by your actions that you do in your everyday Life. LIVE to be your Best.

So thats it. END : 10:55 pm