The day I decided what to do

Friday, 5 October 2007, 6:41 pm
Location: SMU, SIS, Level 3, GSR 3.2

Today had my MS mid term, don’t think I did well in it. Cause got a few questions that I did not answer like the question about conditional probability. But the prof did expect that we all not to finish the paper & told us that she would mod the grades so how.

Well somewhat have a decision over something after yesterday night of thinking & also with some decision making using MS.
More or less decided that I would not spend time thinking about relationship anymore. Cause in terms of returns, currently it is hard to get. So rather than let it cause me to emo & not do my work well, I should just let it flow naturally and not think about it.

Got quite a few things that I need to get done. Like the Ad Jam 2007 Safety Admin Instruction, and also the kayaking expedtion stuff. Can not let ZM who trust that I can handle the safety IC task down. If not I would not be doing the right thing. For the kayaking expedtion, been think about the training program for it. As I do feel that we really need to start training. This is also the same concern expressed by AIKS & WB. Since I do not have any appointment now, I feel I would be able to take up the role of training IC & Safety (just need to bring over what I learn from Ad Jam).

As for the portal for the expedtion, I have 3 sample up already. Just need to see which 1 is easier to use. So that we can start using it.

And there is also school work. Been not doing much for IS mods, so really need to do something about it. Do not want my grades to drop this term, want it to improve. So that I have the motivtion to carry on to study well.

So there so much things for me to do. So let’s just do what I have and let the rest just fall into place.

Thats it then. END : 7:00 pm