The day that I was suppose to study for MS

Thursday, 4 October 2007, 7:29 pm
Location: SMU, Library, Level 4, SMUX Corner

Today was suppose to study for MS, but till now, have not gone past Chapter 2.
Was in school since 9:30 am, crashed for like half an hour after having my breakfast.
Still feeling tired, want to close my eyes while writing this.

Saw her come to the library at around 10:30pm. Did not say or wave hi. Just ignoring her I suppose. (Attitude)
Although I did somewhat stared at her, think that cause her to changed the seat that she wanted. Did not like face me when she sat down.

Well lunch was with WB, told him about my blog & all, show him when we got back. No comments from him.

Still did not do much studying. Or maybe I’m just slow.

Went for SE pair programming session at 3:30pm, did much work there, but there are still issues that we as a team need to settle. Like the Data Set & how we going to input it into the Database & also how the flow of the system going to be. Etc…..

Concluded the meeting at 6:00 pm, an hour earlier than expected. So that was good. Went back to the library. & Saw that she had gone off, for class I heard. Marketing I suppose.

Went for dinner with WB & K. K asked about the post of TTTX, which was quite an old post from WB & me point of view. But we talked about it. K got to know about L’s new target so was quite surprised.

Don’t know if that post could apply to my issue. But I don’t think can. Cause a person’s point of view will always be different when they are personally involved.

Find that my life is simpler when I did not think about these issues, so good just being a loner, cause you just take care & think about yourself & that is it. But I think it about the friends you make along the way also. Just need to open up & let people know you. Although it is also a give & take process, cause if a person do not want to know you, you also can not force them.

I find that all the close friends that I have are people that I worked with for quite sometime, with lots of contact. Like my SMUX camp program committee, YAH group and TB people. Cause they all got to see how I work & my dumb attitude to things that do not go my way. If you are considered my friend, what you ask if I can get it done, I will do it.

Typed this to someone on MSN:
maybe when i like someone its more about me wanting to get to know that person + letting that person know more about me.

I am really interested to know her better, but I think the “normal” (what is the norm anyway)Â way of knowing people is not my way. I must really work with that person. So that the person would know me too. Not the sort that can make friends like on the streets. They will just become hi bye friends.

Would kill to be on the same committee or project group with her, then can get to know her.

Think I crap enough for today. Still my MS to settle, then my SE individual project.

So thats it. END : 8:32 pm