Ride to Ringit

Today’s ride to Ringit was quite an interesting one. A lot of first for me. Started off a little late today. but we got to Pengerang Jetty at 1130. Then went on to collect our bikes from the local shop. Headed to Ringit for lunch. Along the way saw the SMUX group heading back. Got to lunch point at 1300. Lunch was still ok. Set off at 1400. Found out that one of the bikes had a flat. So the guys had to take turns to ride it back. Just as we headed out of the town, It started to rain. But due to the lack of time we pushed on. As we got closer to the shop, it rain stopped. Got there like 1530. Then got sent to the Jetty. There was quite a number of people there. But due to our group size, we waited and waited. Really thought that we would not be going back. But at last, quite late at about 1730, we finally got a boat back to Singapore. The boat was new and had air-con in it. Reached back to Singapore at about 1800.

Quite an adventure. haha 😀