Opening CR4

After my last post, CR4 or combined rehearsal 4 reminded me of what it means to be doing what I’m doing. To create a lasting impression of the youth olympic games to the athletes, officials and everyone who is here for the games. To see Singapore flag flown, shown to the whole world. To be the last NOC to be introduced during the parade of flags, as the host nation of the first Youth Olympic Games, makes my decision to take a year off from school ever so significant. And makes it so worth it. It truly can bring a tear to my eye. On occasions I almost really wanted to cry.

But the politics that I have to see happening around me also makes this effort so much less significant. It really makes me feel that the bunch of old fools in my office are just spoiling and destroying the values of excellence, friendship and respect.

I would still by the words of my previous post. And act dumb when I want to. I know sometimes it is a matter of perception of whether they have briefed me proper and that they have communicated to me at all. But the perception they have given me is what I have written.

Every time I think about it, it just makes me angry. I will support my team and the people who support me, the rest can just go to hell.

I maybe the soft spoken, but once you get me angry, don’t expect me to give any of you face at all.