Almost the End

Well, the closing ceremony was yesterday. 12 days of events, started manning since the start of August. Now it’s almost the end of August. 1 more month till I’m officially off work. Then it’s either a 3 month break before school or work. I still don’t really know.

Started this since 14 December till now, it has been more than 8 months. Took 1 whole year of leave from school. All my friends have been encouraging and also there to listen to me crap about things that happens. Going back to school next year would be something different for me, just 3 modules left to complete. 2GE 1 GRS. Hopefully would be a slack term and I pass everything. Might even do part-time work if it is possible.

Overall the experience is good. I got to know and learn a lot of the background work and reasons why some decision are made. It makes me want to continue to be involved in this sort of events.