Happy Birthday Post

Well, yesterday was my birthday. Stayed home cause no one asked me to go out. Did get a number of well wishes over the 24 hr period and I really glad to see them. Still remembered how I spent my birthday last year. Was somewhat bluff by her that she was studying, and that we should skip my birthday. Was fine with it, but in the end got asked out and had something small. Was quite nice, really loved it, but well it’s a thing of the past now. Nothing can bring it back. Then it does reminds me something that she said before about whether or not friends should do something for your birthday or not.

It like saying or messaging “Happy Birthday” is something that can be done so easily now, with SMS, MSN & Facebook. Just type something and send and you have just send your wishes to the person. Where is the “heart” in all that?? Especially those that is like your closest friends and groups that you have helped so much with. No one even took the time to like scam you with a meeting, to get you to go somewhere, do something for you. Like ask you out for dinner or something. Makes you question why you are doing all that, sticking with all that. Do they know you even exist or not???

Maybe the reason is that I am never ever really close to anyone, the one that was closest to me already left me. No one to ask me out. No one to sing happy birthday to me. No small little cake anymore. I miss her, miss all that she had done before. Someone that at least once cared alot for me.

Well, maybe this year is a not so happy year for me. Not a happy birthday.

Will just carry on, stay the way I always been, be the person I always be. Not like anyone does care to ask at all.

Thanks to all who at least cared to say Happy Birthday to me. At least you all did something. And thanks to The Queen of Joyriders, didn’t really think you would remember, thanks for the SMS, sorry I didn’t go for the rides.