On Thursday, I went for my matriculation early in the morning. I took bus all the way to SMU. Had to change bus one time cause there is no direct bus to my school except for one expensive bus.

When I got there I headed to School of Accountancy, Level 2, there I had to pay my school fees and hand in my GIRO form. Since I had previously matriculated earlier this year, I skipped a few stations, like the photo taking for my student card.

Next I headed up to Level 3 to visit the OCS’ booth. I know what some of you are thinking, OCS = Officer Cadet School?? Well nope, it stands for Office of Career Services. This whole “booth” spread quite a few class rooms and provided me with information to complete my 80 hours of community service that I have to do to graduate.

Next was a visit to the OSL’ booth. OSL stands for Office of Student Life. There I signed up for the SMUX “Lost” camp, my faculty’s METAmorphosis camp and the school’s CIRCLE Xperience Camp. I was also informed here that for my School’s CONVOCATION as they put it – “your attendance is therefore required”. Guess what this event is also very formal.

After all this, I went over toward the Li Ka Shing Library for my next station. First I had to get my student card encoded, for security purpose. Since I previously matriculated the process was quite fast. Next I went into the library and went to the top level. There the laptops were on sale. Before I brought my laptop, I attended a library workshop. The workshop informed me about the various services that the library provides. At the end of the workshop, they had a small contest. It was called the “mazing” race. It was something that made us explored the library to know where everything is.

After I was done with the game, I went on to buy my laptop. I brought an Acer Travelmate 3282. I felt that it is quite a good laptop for its price and is quite feature packed.

Well that all for now. I will update about my camps.