Climb Team Outing

Today or infact yesterday, I went for the third day of the SMU Climb Team Camp. You may ask why I didn’t go for the first two days. Well I was at the CTV camp on the first day. And the second day, I had to go settle some stuff.

Well today was a great day. Had fun climbing. We did some very interesting climbing whereby we had to tie our hands together and boulder from one end of the wall to the other. Then we also had to climb blindfolded.

Then after that we broke camp and we all met up again at marina south for steamboat. The steamboat is quite filling and good. We had fun cooking and eating.

After that we went to a pub near our school for some drinks and singing. We had fun playing games. As some of us had things on the next morning, we had to leave before 12.

But it was fun being with this group of people. Very passionate about what they love and that is climbing. Love you guys.