SMUBE: Campus TV

Well like I said in the previous post, I was at the CTV camp on monday. Actually this camp started on the sunday.

On sunday, we started with some intro to what CTV is about and what videos they have done. We then proceed with ice breakers to get to know each other more. Followed by lessons on storyboarding and camera work.

We were then divided up into groups and given a task to produce a video around then theme “Lift”. My group decided that we should make a video about a ghost in the lift. Will post the link to the video when I get it. After we had complete the video, we were given comments about how to better improve the video, and most of it was very helpful feedback.

I felt that the video was quite well done considering that we had only two plus hours to complete it.

After the review session, we went to have supper. Learnt more about some of the supper locations near to the school.

We then went back to school, and spend the night in the Campus Radio room.

In the morning, we played a game called sherades (at least I think this is the spelling).

We then proceeded to brain storming for the SMU video contest, Sho*ping & Mu*ging. And also for the next season of Campus TV. We actually intended to have 3 teams for the video contest, but decided that it was best to chose 1 idea and work on it and focus on the next season for Campus TV. And I took the job of doing up the video for the contest. Well hope I can make something out of it.

At the end of the day, we played a drawing form of taboo. And it was quite fun and we had a great time. We after the game helped to pack things up as Campus TV would be moving into the Radio Room. As OSL have decided to use the current room for something else.

Well lets hope that I can do a good job with the video and win something.