Outing with Sec Sch Buddies

Well the main thing that I did today(or yesterday) was to go out with my sec sch buddies, JH, Ron & Aly. But before I met up with them, I went to school for a meeting with my YAH team mates (not all of them were there, just two others). Basically, this was a feedback session for our proposal of an event that we intent to hold in school. Going to have another meeting at 4 pm tomorrow to touch up on the proposal.

After this meeting, I went back to clementi to have my lunch. I went to a place called “BOTAK JONES“. The food there is good and the serving is quite big. So it is worth the money. One bad thing is that there is a certain amount of waiting time, for me I waited for 30 minutes. But I can see that they are making effort to streamline the process and telling you upfront that there is a waiting time so you can decide whether to wait or not.

After my lunch, I met with the gang and as usual there would be someone who is late. But it all right. We took the train down to orchard cineleisure to catch the movie “deja vu”. Well this movie is about…..(not going to say, go catch movie. Its quite nice.) Then after the movie, we went to the Hereens to walk around, may just HMV.

We late walked down to The MINDS Cafe to play board games. Played Who’s the Boss and other games that I don’t really remember the names. Played for like 3 hours. Then after that I gave them a short tour of my school campus, showing them all the common areas. Then we just walked down to Raffles Place to have a meal at The Soup Spoon. Quite nice soup they have there. But can be better. Maybe more spice.

After this we headed to the train station, and back home we went.

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