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  • Climb Team Outing

    Today or infact yesterday, I went for the third day of the SMU Climb Team Camp. You may ask why I didn’t go for the first two days. Well I was at the CTV camp on the first day. And the second day, I had to go settle some stuff. Well today was a great […]

  • Matriculation

    On Thursday, I went for my matriculation early in the morning. I took bus all the way to SMU. Had to change bus one time cause there is no direct bus to my school except for one expensive bus. When I got there I headed to School of Accountancy, Level 2, there I had to […]

  • Beautiful Story

    While surfing around today, I saw this blog entry. It’s quite a sad story. I would like to thank all my friends who have been with me all this while. The following is copied from this site. Beautiful Story Each year he sent her roses, and the note would always say, I love you even […]

  • Exemptions

    Well today I received a letter from SMU about exemptions of courses for my BSc (ISM). I got exemption for two modules, calculus & data management. For calculus, I think is because of my math and for data management, should be because of my poly time, my database module did quite well. I also received […]

  • RUN

    Today morning, I went for a run from my place to SAFRA Mount Faber. The distance was about 13 km. Did not really ran for that distance as body still not as fit as it used to be. When I got there, I explored the place for a while. The place was nicely designed. While […]

  • SAF Day

    Well today is SAF day. Marking another year that SAF have been around. This week alone, I have been in two parades. One was at Tekong and the other at SISPEC (School of Infantry Specialist). Both parades were quite meaningful and gave me information about what the big shots want this coming year. It would […]

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