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  • What is it to Like / Love someone?

    Actually I also don’t know if the title is a right title or not but here it goes. Been thinking about something. About liking someone. In life, each of us would sometimes make a choice to like someone based on feelings and certain things that you find attractive about that person. Then you would try […]

  • Hospitalised

    Been in the hospital since Monday night after I walked into A&E for a wound that didn’t really heal and was having pus. Once I got in everything was fast. Although it did help that the place was empty. Got to see the nurse, then was called to see the doctor. I think the doc […]

  • SMUX Elections

    Well today went for SMUX Elections, and saw a new set of crew being elected into it. Although I was not one of them, I did took the week to think about whether I wanted to vote at all or not. Considering that someone of interest is running. And that once in crew, it would […]

  • KL – Sing Cycling Expedition

    Stage Zero On the 5th of August was the start of the KL – Sing Cycling Expedition. We gathered in school and prepared our bikes for the bus ride up to Port Dickson. Everyone was on time, maybe everyone just can’t wait to start at all. We went for dinner and when we came back […]

  • Road Trip – Recce for KL-Sing

    On Thursday (30 July) went for a road trip to recce the route for the KL-Sing Biking trip that I would be going for next week. The road trip was really good, we covered more than 800+ km within a 24 hr period, travelling the whole journey that we planned for, that would take 5-6 […]

  • More Updates…..

    It’s 1 whole month since my last update. So what happened?? Well, I was part of the torch relay for AYG being a liaison officer to help instruct the carriers of the torch on how to use it, carry it, etc. Was quite an experience to be able to talk to people like Teo Ser […]

  • Update for Plans for the Summer

    It’s 26th of June and almost half of Summer has gone past. So what have I completed. Well for SMU Adventure Race, it was quite fun even being just a helper. Moving stuff and all. Find that the race was quite a success as everything seem to have went well. Although after watching the show […]

  • Plans for the Summer

    What I am going to do for the summer?? Well the list is as follows. Help out for SMU Adventure Race – 25 April Raw Duathlon – 26 April Business Study Mission to Israel – 29 April to 10 May Internship with MINDEF, DXO – 11 May + 10 Weeks + whatever leave I going […]

  • Happy Birthday Post

    Well, yesterday was my birthday. Stayed home cause no one asked me to go out. Did get a number of well wishes over the 24 hr period and I really glad to see them. Still remembered how I spent my birthday last year. Was somewhat bluff by her that she was studying, and that we […]

  • Pain

    What is pain? Pain is something that can numb you from the reality of life. Keep you focus on something else other than your worries and sadness. Pain distracts you, keeps you from thinking about what always pops into your mind. Pain is something that I see “House” uses to numb himself to enable him […]

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